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Homtime’s C1pro is your bedside companion. Use it as a charger or Bluetooth speaker or set it to wake you with your favorite music

The Homtime C1pro is the definition of “multifunctional” – it’s got the look and feel of a digital alarm clock but is for so much more than waking up. Not only does it display time and temperature, but you can also use it to charge your USB devices or pair it with Bluetooth® electronics to project audio through its built-in speakers. It’s a 4-in-1 device designed for personalization. A brightness adjustment setting allows you to minimize glow at night, and a convenient microSD card slot allows you to set alarms with your favorite tunes. With a compact size and good sound quality, the C1pro’s user-friendly design will be useful from the time you wake up until you go to sleep. It’s not just a gadget – it’s a bedside companion.

Take a closer look

  • Personalized alarm sounds

Upgrade your life by turning harsh alarm tones into pleasant get-up-and-go tunes. Keep the C1pro at your bedside, and use a microSD card to personalize your alarms with your favorite songs.

  • Simultaneous dual-port charging

Many multifunctional devices these days boast a charging feature, but they’re actually too basic to handle two devices at once. That’s why we’ve not only included two USB ports, but also made sure they can handle devices that require different charging speeds. A 1A port for smartphones and a faster 2.1A port for tablets will ensure you’re never low on power.

  • Super convenient time-set button

Turn the rotary dial to set the time and alarm. It's that easy! We know how annoying it is to repeatedly press and hold a button for a long time to set the time or an alarm. So, we’ve made it much easier – just turn the rotary dial to the desired time, press “set” and you’re done.

  • Brightness adjustment for around-the-clock use

We all have different sleeping habits, and sometimes the glow of a clock’s LCD can be a little too bright at night. That’s why we’ve added another function to the rotary dial – it also serves as a 4-level brightness adjuster so you can wake the C1pro up when you get up and dim its light at night.


  • Bedside Bluetooth speaker

Play your favorite tunes with the Bluetooth speaker or listen to an audio book without leaving your bed.

  • User-Friendly

Whether you're syncing via Bluetooth to use the speaker, or connecting via USB to charge, every function is plug-and-play.

The Homtime C1pro is an all-in-one gadget to keep by your bedside. It can wake you up, play your favorite tunes, charge your digital devices simultaneously, display various brightness levels and even tell you the temperature – it’s got the capability of multiple plugged bedside devices in one gadget that eliminates the tangle of cords.

Tech Specs

The C1pro combines a convenient and sleek design with user-friendly technology.

Our team of designers and audio tech experts have worked on this project for over 6 months, developing several prototypes and subjecting them to rigorous tests. The Homtime C1pro you see here is the result of our hard work, and manufacturing is ready to begin at production facilities.

Suppliers of high-quality materials and manufacturing partners are waiting for the signal to begin full-scale production. We have certification experts and distributors at the ready, too. But, we still need our most vital support to get the ball rolling – backers like YOU.

Back Our Kickstarter Campaign Today!

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