Janus One: A Phone To Simplify Your Life In A Smart Way

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A credit card-sized cell phone that won’t distract you from doing what you love. Do charging, bluetooth dialing and more.

Introducing Janus One

Janus One
Janus One

You’ve got a life to lead. Stop letting your phone get in the way. Maybe it’s time for a mobile device that lets you experience life again, not just catalogs it. Imagine a cellphone small enough to fit in your wallet, powerful enough to last three months without recharging, and smart enough to both sync with and charge your existing smartphone---imagine Janus One.

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Enjoy a Simpler Life

Tune out and enjoy a simpler life, free yourself from the constant hassles of social networking sites.

Insert SIM Card

Janus One is a first-of-its-kind mini mobile phone. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. In fact, the word “small” doesn’t do it justice. It’s super sleek, so it can slide in and out of your wallet without a problem. Janus One can be used as your standalone phone, or synced with your smart phone.

- The Thinnest Card-shaped Phone on the Market

You’d be hard-pressed to find a featured packed phone as small as this. At only 0.22inches(5mm) in thickness and almost the size of a standard credit card, the Janus One is big on features, yet small in size.

Credit Card Size

Something this small has never looked this good

CD Effect & No Finger Print Design

CD Effect

Smudge Free

Tiny yet Tough

The Janus One is shockproof, water- and dust-resistant, and is the only phone of its size that offers a battery standby time of 90 days.

Water Resistant
90 Days Long Standby Time

Emergency Power Bank

Has your smartphone ever been in desperate need of an emergency charge when there are no power outlets available? The Janus One makes this a thing of the past. With its power bank functionality, its gives emergency power to your devices whenever you need it.

Emergency Power Bank

More Unique, Useful Features

The Janus One allows you to forward and make calls. Pair it with your smartphone by Bluetooth and make calls while your smartphone is charging, or in places where you wouldn’t want your smartphone to be damaged or stolen.

Bluetooth Dialing

You can measure how many steps it will take to cover distances, thanks to its Pedometer. Gauge the distance from your house to the nearby coffee shop, or how many steps it will take to reach the beach if you’re at a resort.


The vibration alert is powerful for its size, so you never will miss a call or SMS message when it’s in your pocket.

Powerful Vibration Alert

Tech specs

Prototype Drawing
Technical Specifications