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Product Availability

In such circumstances, we shall notify you of your options available at that time (if any). For example, a postponement or extension of time for the order or transaction processing and delivery of the products concerned, or a restriction of your order or transaction quantity to a lower amount, or a cancellation or termination of your order or transaction, may arise.

If (in our sole and absolute discretion) it appears that no such option is reasonably or commercially feasible, appropriate or available, or that no such option can or is likely to be agreed upon by the parties, then we shall have the right to reject, cancel or terminate your order or transaction. In such event, we shall refund to you (without interest) any payment you made and which we have received for such order or transaction. Such refund shall constitute our sole and exclusive liability, and your sole and exclusive remedy, in respect of any non- or limited availability of products or any shipping availability or delivery delays (as the case may be), and the resulting rejection, cancellation or termination.

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